Sofas are the most problematic pieces of furniture to fit in the desired place. Due to space limitations in most of NYC apartments, Sofa and Couch Disassembly may be the only option to have the sofa in your leaving room. Any sofa deeper than 36 inches usually causes a problem for delivery crew to manure it up side down in 50% of NYC prewar buildings. Our trained team members will take the burden off your shoulders. They will master their magic in front of you and your supportive neighbors, build the sofa back together inside so you can relax. We guarantee that the sofa will remain in it’s original condition. As a proof of our confidence, we provide 5 years complimentary structural damage warranty as a result of years of training and received expertise in this field.

Why choose Sofa Surgery® ?

  • we guarantee all work
  • provide warranty on all items involved in disassembly, reassembly, repair or restoration
  • use only industry leading supply manufacturers
  • order only eco friendly fabric from Word’s best cotton wholesale traders
  • inspired by NYC’s exclusive celebrity interior designers
  • proudly served movie stars, sport athletes, top Wall-Street bankers, financiers, and singers.
  • built reputation through 14 years of successful business operation

Moving Emergency?

Call the "surgeons". They arrive the same day and solve any "not-fit" situations.